Lawn & Garden

No matter the season, lawns and gardens require attention. Whether you are seeding a lawn or planting a vegetable garden, LTD has a large selection of quality seeds and specialty blends. You’ll find seeds high in purity and germination absent of pesky weed seed. Ask a sales associate to explain the information found on a seed tag. In addition, Southern States specialty fertilizers offer an exceptional value above and beyond what can be found at big box stores. Remember, a bright and colorful fertilizer bag is still a bag. It’s what’s inside that really matters.

LTD Farm & Garden offers expert advice on what to plant, when to plant, how to feed and how to control weeds. It’s the expertise at LTD that sets us apart from the rest.

Be it a lawn, garden, landscape, pasture, wildlife plot or special use area, LTD Farm & Garden can recommend the right product at a competitive price to meet your objectives.

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