Got questions? How do I kill chickweed? My yard is covered in clover, what can I spray to control it? Snails are eating my plants; how do I treat them safely without harming my dog or cat? How do I treat for grubs? What kind of bug is this?

LTD Farm & Garden is your source for information regarding pesticides, herbicides, crop protectants, and agricultural chemicals. Each of these have specific uses, and when using any of these, the old saying "knowledge is power" is very true.

Your visit to LTD Farm & Garden will be a learning experience. They'll make targeted recommendations and explain how to apply the products for the desired results. Brands that you know such as Fertilome, Hi-Yield, Ortho, Bayer, Bonide and many more are found in stock at LTD Farm & Garden. Youíll save money on their extensive line of generic chemicals which canít be found at big-box stores.

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